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Romantic Candlelight Innovation

It is said that a woman looks best by candlelight and/or moonlight.  Since I can not control the phases of the moon, I lean on my love candlelight.  I used to burn them all the time when I was single.  My roommate and I had the atmosphere down to a science when we had “company” over.  Now that I am married, and have a curious baby boy in the house, I am very hesitant to burn as many as I used to. I would like to think that I have graduated to quality over quantity.  Long gone are my days of a cheap bag of thin tin tealights and metal filled wicks.  Enter PartyLite… 

PartyLite smells amazing and look all grown up.  The designers in their office seems to always be thinking and my preview of the New Fall/Holiday line is the evidence.  I found these Light Illusions™ LED Pillar candles by PartyLite! Not only do they come in Ivory and Red but some are remote control ready and run off of AA batteries!!  My fave is a set that has  three pillars & the remote control together.  One of each size: 3″x5″, 3″x6″  and 3″x7″.  Check out WWW.PartyLite.Biz/GoldenLites to see more.

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